The idea came across on demand of my building automation projects. I use a lots of EasyIO FG32+  controllers and they are on my top list as they are the only controllers i have came along that you can fully customize and you know what? It has HTML web server for custom data display and many more… (Will post another story line about these “FG beasts” later ). Unfortunate it does not have alarm console that users could centralized manage ongoing alarms on the building HVAC systems. As I mentioned it is so flexible so some html, javascript, sqlite, and php and you have new feature as some top modern BMS systems does in the market under only DDC controller bonet.

And yes AlarmDB is free to use and sell. Opensource under MIT!


5 thoughts on “AlarmDB

  1. davidnyke says:

    I was fortunate to learn about your AlarmDB handler at the EasyIO conference in Manchester recently. I would like to try it out on a test controller if that is okay?
    I just wondered if I install the zip to the FG32 SD card? How to I setup which points alarm etc? I couldn’t see anything specifically on the Wiki on GitHub.
    Thanks David

    • AJ says:


      For an app it just enough to upload folder to FG via FTP client. Wiki pages are not finished yet. and for test purposes recommend to use v2.6 release. Unfortunately FG sedona kit is not ready. That has to come in synergy with EasyIO. If you are good in sedona kit programming we can try to finish it quicker?

  2. davidnyke says:

    Thanks Andrius, much appreciated. I will have a play around with v2.6 release. I thought it looked great when you presented in Manchester and perfect to enhance the FG32 even further!
    Unfortunately as much as I wish I was, I’m not that experienced at programming so won’t be much use I’m afraid.
    In it’s present build how are the alarms pushed out to your AlarmDB?
    Thanks again Andrius, I think an EasyIO community would be great for everybody going forward.
    Kind Regards

    • AJ says:

      Hi David

      I also believe the new community platform will trigger thing forward. EasyIO have great tools that lets you build anything you like but it needs developer level engineer and that is unlikely in our business sector. Not every one want to invest extra money unless that generates extra value to the company. Eventually i will release final version for FG controllers but you know freewill work is in the middle of the priority to-do list so it takes long time before it is out of the box.

      Thanks for the good words David!

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